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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the chameleon in the logo?


The chameleon, this remarkably adaptable animal, has been Pascal's emblem since 2013, when his book "Accepter de Changer" was released. He was not chosen at random. The chameleon symbolizes transformation and adaptability, two essential elements of its starting personality. Pascal's personal journey led him to go through phases where he had to make courageous choices to no longer fade away and live his truth. This symbol therefore reflects not only his values but also his own journey of personal growth. He succeeded in “accepting change”.  


What distinguishes Pascal's method?


Pascal is not your typical personal development coach. He combines clairvoyance, frankness and humor in a way that demystifies the process of personal development. It creates a space where people not only feel understood, but also able to laugh at their challenges. More importantly, Pascal doesn't leave you in theoretical limbo. It provides practical tools and offers concrete actions to help you live the life you really want.


I lost my dreams, can Pascal help me?


Yes, without a doubt. If you feel disoriented or lost, Pascal is the guide for you. Having lived through difficult times himself and having managed to overcome them, he knows what it is to lose sight of his aspirations. He uses his experience to help his clients reconnect with who they are deep inside and develop a realistic yet exciting action plan to achieve their dreams.


Can clearing unconscious structures really allow me to change?


The work on the unconscious is an important part, but it's not all. Pascal attaches great importance to the interaction between our unconscious structures and the Universal Mechanical Matrix™.

He has a very down-to-earth view of change, insisting that if you want to see lasting results, you'll have to invest time and energy into learning how to position yourself. Clearing unconscious structures is a great place to start, but Pascal pushes you to go beyond this initial step.


Is Pascal's content a recycled version of existing ideas?


No way. Although Pascal sometimes speaks of various schools of thought and spirituality, his method is unique. He has spent more than a decade developing his own exercises and concepts to achieve proven results. It clearly deviates from the dominant ideas in the field of personal development. So it's fair to say that when you listen to Pascal you get an original and authentic insight.


Can I participate remotely?


Absolutely. We are in personal development but we are also in the 21st century:  individual online sessions, webinars, conferences… 


Is it possible to speak directly to Pascal?


Although his busy schedule does not allow him to respond to each message individually, rest assured that Pascal takes the time to read all the messages he receives. He attaches great importance to feedback and questions from his community.


Can I record a session?


Yes you can. Pascal understands that people like to revisit sessions to get the most out of them. Thus, it provides recordings of workshops and individual sessions for you to study at your own pace.


Can I use the exercises with my family or in my job?


Certainly, as long as you correctly give credit to Pascal.

He is aware that the principles he teaches can be beneficial in many contexts and encourages their responsible sharing.


What is the refund policy?


Excluding deposits on courses, in the event of an unforeseen event, a full refund is possible if the request is made at least 48 hours before the event or session. This policy aims to respect both the time of the participants and that of Pascal.


What if I can't afford the services of Pascal?


Not everyone has the financial means for individual sessions or internships. That's why it offers a variety of free content and online Q&A sessions. He strives to make personal development accessible to everyone.


What are the payment options?


For face-to-face training, installment payment is possible. This allows participants to spread the cost over several months. In addition, payment by bank transfer is also accepted for these trainings.

For more information, contact us directly at and we will be happy to discuss the various options available to you.


I am already a coach, can your training bring me something new?


Absolutely, and you'd be amazed at how much. Look at the comments. Pascal Gomes adopts a holistic approach that mixes clairvoyance and analysis of reality, which can greatly enrich your own coaching method. Pascal's training is designed to offer practical skills and tools that transcend the framework of traditional coaching. You'll not only hone your skills, you'll broaden your understanding of human potential.


Does Pascal offer business coaching?


Yes, absolutely. Pascal and his team of regular speakers offer completely tailor-made business services (onboarding, coaching, team building, etc.). Whether your needs relate to stress management, leadership development, or improving intra and interpersonal skills, they can create a program that will specifically address the challenges your organization faces. For a personalized proposal, contact us at


Does Pascal work alone?


No, and fortunately for all of us because he doesn't know how to do everything 🙂. He focuses on his area of expertise: support, coaching, training. In the back office, he can count on a formidable team: Lucie and Clovis. 

For professional training, he is accompanied by recognized experts in their respective fields, including Jean Pierre Duffrenoy and Marius Vannucci.


Are your methods scientifically proven?


Pascal Gomes relies on years of experience and positive customer testimonials to validate the effectiveness of his methods. Although his techniques incorporate elements of psychology, they have not been the subject of formal clinical validation. However, the satisfaction and transformation experienced by his clients are the best witnesses to the positive impact of his work.


I have a friend who is very interested in personal development, can I give him one of your programs as a gift?


Without hesitation ! Pascal offers the possibility to purchase individual sessions as gifts. Just contact us at and we'll make sure your friend has a deeply rewarding experience.


How to stay up to date with Pascal's news?


The best way to stay connected to the world of Pascal Gomes is to subscribe to the newsletter. Not only will you find information about the latest offers, but also feature articles, videos and other enriching content. You can also follow him on his various social media platforms.


I am passionate about your work and I would like to collaborate with you, is it possible?


Pascal Gomes is always looking for partners who share his ambition for a profound transformation of society. If you have ideas for joint projects or collaborations, you can send an e-mail to to discuss the possibilities.


I have a question that is not in this FAQ, how can I contact you?


If you have a question that has not yet been answered here, feel free to email Pascal's team strives to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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